Wednesday, March 5, 2014

"I love my mission and I regard it as something sacred to me. It will forever be the most important thing to ever happen to me."

Q´hubo familia bien o no??

Wow, what a difference braces make! I agree with dad when he says that Haley looks like she is 25 haha! That's amazing! 

Happy Birthday Dad! You look younger with every year that passes by! I am glad the fam hooked you up with an iPad, you deserve it! And also deserve the title of iDad. We are suckers for Apple products haha...Ever since the first ever iPod Mini I got back in the Christmas of 7th grade! 

Congrats kids with the day off school, those are the best. To be honest I miss the freezing cold weather of winter.. .whaaat? haha. 

I am writing today coming off a very exciting week! We had 2 baptisms this saturday! One of them was Lina Marcela the daughter of the less active we reactivated. And the other was Nicol Medina who is the daughter of Andres Medina, who we are stilllll trying to marry. 

We had another one lined up ready to go but the weather has been really random lately and with a ton of changes--sunny then rainy, sunny then rainy, sunny and then rainy again. And that caused Jennifer to get really sick and unable to attend her baptism. It was a shame because she finally made the decision firmly and surely and that had to happen to her. She was a little sad but said she was firm in her decision and was not going to let this affect her. 

I personally believe it to be a test of faith. Jennifer is a person who has been through a lot in her life and still continues to go through a lot of trials with her family and work life. I feel as though she has been chose to be a pioneer in her family because back where she is from the church doesn't exist. There are sure to be more trials ahead in her life and the Lord is just preparing her. We continue to talk to her and it looks like she'll be ready for this weekend.

There is also great news for this week! Andy and Diana (Andy is the son of Andres, brother of Nicol) are going to get married! We went to take out all the records and do all the notary vueltas this week and it looks like the wedding will be on Saturday! What a joy! Actually having success marrying someone is something difficult to come by in my mission haha. 

We will also be having a ZL Conference this week... (mom will sure be checking the famous Hermana Prince blog) I think it will be my last one! It is almost unheard of that a missionary is a ZL for more than a year, and I turned one year 2 weeks ago... so I think this transfer I will be headed to train someone or to just be a normal missionary! I will be ready for whatever and I know the Lord has an incredible experience for me wherever I go, but I am looking forward to focusing on just doing missionary work. 

I love my mission and I regard it as something sacred to me. It will forever be the most important thing to ever happen to me. I know that a testimony of Jesus Christ is the most important thing anyone can come to obtain in this life and that making and keeping covenants with God is how we see His power affect our lives. I am grateful for this testimony I hold, and understand the responsibility I have to share it these last months of my mission! What a joy to be a missionary in these days! 

Have a great week!

Baptism pics will have to wait till next week, forgot the hooker upper thingamajig.

Elder Eliason 

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