Tuesday, February 25, 2014

"Once you find your way to the hidden testimony and find a way to reawaken it, you have gained yourself an excited missionary as well."

Goodbye to Elder Edwards, a good friend.

Elder Joglar and I with Andres Medina for his birthday.

Today after playing soccer at a recent convert's house with a part of the Zona.

Hiya family!! 
First of all, Happy Anniversary mom and dad! WOOH! 24 years and counting, that is something to be proud of! I love you guys so much and for the almost 21 years that I have been a part of the family I can say that I had it good with goodly parents who taught me to love the Lord! I loved the foto dad sent me, reminds me of old times! Looking great for #25! 

I will also be praying for Hayla Bayla this week! Good luck and enjoy the smooth mouth feeling after you get your braces off haha its the best.... and wear your retainer! 

Well here in Popayan it has been getting pretty hectic! We finished the month of February with 4 rescued members. That means that we have taught the 5 lessons to 4 less active members, had them come to church at least twice, and got them an interview with the branch president! Yeaahhh! 

We were working towards that huge goal this whole month and we were able to accomplish it thanks to the members! We were also the best zone when it came to rescued members as well! The baptisms we were going to have this week fell unfortunately due to badly timed travel plans and just not feeling prepared, but we are still thrilled to have so many people to work with. 

We have also been finding through the less active members we've been teaching, for example we found a great little investigator through one of the rescues this week. She has a 14 year old daughter we are looking to baptize this week, another one is a friend of a rescue and another is a family member! We have realized that an efficient way to work is finding less actives. Once you find your way to the hidden testimony and find a way to reawaken it, you have gained yourself an excited missionary as well. 

We are still progressing with Jennifer, Sara, Andres and the rest of the people I told you about last week. With Jennifer she realizes if she makes the decision to get baptized her life will change 100%. That isn't a bad thing because she shows her true intent that when she makes the decision she will be committed to stick with the Gospel. But she doesn't yet understand the order of how the covenant works. She has received a spiritual witness that the Book of Mormon is true, and has recognized the Spirit on numerous occasions, but fears failing after baptism. After a great lesson with the District President she felt a little better and was able to put the goal for this Saturday along with her friend Natalia who we are also teaching. Hopefully we can help her a little further on in the week so she feels more sure about things.

Sorry this is short... but just know that I feel so at home right now. I feel as though I should have been born a Colombian, haha! No, I love my home country and my family but I am so happy here with these great people. I think that is in great cause to the fact that I have gained the bedrock of my testimony here in this great country. 

I have fallen in love with God's plan and the wonderful message of the restauracion (restoration) while I have been sharing it here. It's true what it says in the call letter that you will be blessed with increased knowledge and testimony of the restored gospel, and that you will find more happiness than you have ever experienced. The mission is the best!

Thanks for the support!
Elder Eliason   


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