Sunday, March 30, 2014

"I think this is the key of being a leader, knowing the people you serve."

Baptism last week of Margarita and Harold

Funny picture of the comp haha

Baptism pics of Natalia

Heading to Tulua for divisions

Hola familia!!!!

3...2...1... and it´s over! The Green Bay Packers have won the first super bowl in NFL history! Oh, hi there, my name is Vince Lombardi... 

Haha of course I still remember my lines from the 6th grade wax museum! I guess I will participate in those group texts through my emails haha. 

Wow I loved getting that huge email about the Lake Tyler camping trip! I couldn't believe the family would keep trying to get a good experience out of that place... I guess everyone knows how I feel about camping. Everyone should recall the famous camping trip where at 4 in the morning the decision was made to drive to the comforts of our home due to the miserable night we passed haha. But I'm glad everyone had a good experience this time, nothing better than cherished time spent with the family. 

I cant believe Gma and Gpa have finished already! That went by so fast! That's awesome they were able to spend time with you guys for a little bit before they headed back to the tah. And don't worry dad, in three months or so I'll be there to whip those kids in shape... just get ready for family study at 7 am sharp. Yep, you heard me... 

So this week has been equally great, here in the office we have been really busy planning the zone leader counsel for this week and also the special training for interviews next month. We have also been keeping on with the heavy number of divisions and this week was for all of the zones in Cali. I must admit that at first it was a little strange adapting to the new type of work that is required here, but now I feel more comfortable and am loving the experience. And we have also been having a lot of time to proselyte normally so it hasn't been as slow as I might have thought it would have been. 

The ZL Council this week will be a lot focused on training the leaders we have in the mission. In the mission right now there is a lot of dependency on the District leaders, they are basically the motors of the mission because they have the most direct contact with the missionaries and have the tools with the district meeting and being closer to the missionaries. 
We are following the system that was talked about by Elder Tad R. Callister a few conferences ago...  
"In my mind there are at least three key factors that contribute to such dramatic growth in the mission years: (1) we trust these young men as never before, (2) we have high but loving expectations of them, and (3) we train and retrain them so they can fulfill those expectations with excellence."
The Counsel will be based in this idea, that the zone leaders can follow these 3 steps to get the most out of there leaders. It has been something I have been studying a lot as of late and I sure have learned a lot about leadership. There is one scripture that stuck in my mind this past week..  "And we beseech you, brethren, to know them which labour among you, and are over you in the Lord, and admonish you" (1 Thes. 5:12

I think this is the key of being a leader, knowing the people you serve. It is easy to be the type of leader with the title and nothing else, but it something else to have enough love and concern for your people to really get to know them and understand how you can help them. "I have given you an example … do as I have done." (John 13:15) "Whosoever will be great among you, let him be your minister." (Matt. 20:26

We also had a baptism this past week!! Her name is Natalia and her story is really special to us. She was born with a problem in her legs that makes it so she can't walk. But she is super blessed with the gift of faith, that is just super evident in the way she has accepted the Gospel in her life and her willingness to follow the Savior despite her restrictions. The service was incredible because of all the members that came! It was one of biggest services I have attended! I'll attach a picture so you can see her and everything. 

So that is pretty much what's been happening here in Colombia! I'm still loving it here and loving the work that I am doing. This is a very special part of the world, I feel like God has a soft spot for the people of South America. There are a lot of promises to these people made in the Book of Mormon and it is cool being a tool that helps them realize and take advantage of it! 

Have a great week!

Elder Eliason 

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