Wednesday, August 29, 2012

"I love becoming the vessel for the Holy Ghost to testify of the truth to these children of God!"

Hola Que tal!? 
Well this is exciting, my last MTC email, I have to say that I thought that this day would never come. I have learned so much in my MTC experience and if I went home today I know that I would be a changed person but I am sooo ready to finally get out and start working! I leave Tuesday at like 6 in the morning and arrive in Cali at like 8ish. I have heard a lot of good things about Cali from the natives here and they all say the people are so kind-hearted, and ready to hear the gospel. I am so excited to finally be there and start my work where the Lord has called me to be!
Well this past Saturday I had the oppurtunity of a lifetime to hear from a member of the Quorum of the 12! Elder Christofferson came to Bogota to give a talk in front of about 400 missionaries from Bogota North Bogota South, and the Bogota MTC. At the beginning of the meeting he decided he wanted to shake everyone´s hand and greet us so we all got an opportunity to meet an Apostle of the Lord. It was a surreal experience being face to face with an apostle. 
As I shook his hand he asked where I was from and proudly I told him. He then said he loves the Dallas area because he has a lot of family there. It is a moment I won´t forget. He then gave a talk completely in Spanish that was just incredible. I prayed in the days leading up that I would be able to understand the message that Elder Christofferson was going to deliver.  And I can say I didn´t have too much trouble. The Gift of Tounges is REAL. I wish every missionary could have felt the Spirit in that chapel. 
At the end of his talk he gave an apostolic witness of Christ that struck me to the core, and then blessed us all with Faith in Jesus Christ, the gift of Revelation as a missionary, and that we would have the convincing power of the Holy Ghost in our testimonies. I never felt so loved by Heavenly Father as I heard an Apostle of the Lord speak for Him in blessing us. I loved that experience and I will cherish it forever!
A few things that will be going on this last week: 
On Friday I will have a special in field training with one of the Area authorities.  Saturday we get shipped to the Bogota North mission home and get matched with a Latin companion to tract all day from 8-8:30! I am excited for this oppurtunity to have some in field experience in this city! It is so big I can't even describe it to you. Just what I've seen from going to the temple it is just so busy. The only thing that compares from what I've seen is NYC! That should be a nice wake up call before I finally get to the field! I will get to have a normal day in the mission with one of the Elders there, and maybe get to teach a few lessons. I'm not sure but it will be awesome!
My Spanish is still improving! I find myself understanding SO much more than when I first got into Bogota. With so many missionaries from different countries here it's hard to get a lock on it because they all have different accents. But I can feel all of your prayers helping me with this challenge! I know I can do it! From what I hear Caleños have a way different accent so I might be in for quite a surprise haha.
I know my testimony has been strengthened during my time here at the MTC. My 3 or so hours to study every day has been so helpful for me in feeling prepared for the mission! I know that God lives and loves His children! I love becoming the vessel for the Holy Ghost to testify of the truth to these children of God! I can't wait to feel that love during my first lesson! I know that Jesus Christ died so that all of His children can come unto Him! What a great and blessed message I have to share!
Elder Eliason

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