Wednesday, August 29, 2012

13 days until the field!

Hola once again! 
Time is short so I´m going to get right to it! Here in Bogotá they have us divided into districts with about 8 elders each. There are now three North American districts. The food is absolutely amazing. It was good in Provo but here they only have to cook for the 70 missionaries that are here. 
The Spanish has gotten a lot better since I have been here as I hoped it would. In fact, the accent of the natives is becoming clearer and clearer. I just have to get completely immersed in it to become completey fluent, and with our American only district sometimes speaking only Spanish is difficult! 
Today we went to the Temple in Bogotá and it was an experience I will never forget. The templo is actually 45 minutes away and we were excited to actually get out and see Bogota for the first time. It is SO big and crowded like I never imagined! There are people everywhere, but it is so beautiful with all of the lush mountains surrounding the city and everything around it. I absolutely loved my international temple experience. I am so amazed at how universal the language of the Spirit is!
13 days until the field! It seems like I have been in the MTC forever, but also like I just barely started. Time is so weird as an MTC missionary. Another big note is that I will get to meet an apostle of the Lord this Saturday, Elder Christofferson. He  is coming to speak to all of the missionaries in the Bogota MTC and the Bogata North and South missionaries. It is a bit ironic to me that I will be seeing an apostle here instead of in Provo. It is a moment I am truly thankful that I am here for! 
With the mission field coming so close I am getting so anxious to get started but a little nervous too, I keep asking myself if I know enough Spanish to be for real, or if I am ready for the challenge of an everyday schedule. But I do know the Lord helps His missionaries and that He will help me develop into the missionary that he wants me to be! 
Sorry my letter is a little jumbled and I still haven´t sent pictures--they took our cameras because they have been a distraction for some missionaries in the past. But just know that I am fine and loving being a servant of the Lord! Colombia feels like home now and I am so ready to get to my field of labor and be in Cali. A lot of the natives here have told me all about Cali and how much I am going to love it there! I have made some real good friendships with the natives here--they are a joy to be around. They are all so tender and humble, I have learned so much from their examples. Sorry for no spiritual thought, I´ll make up for it next email with a special thought from Elder Christofferson!  Adios!
Your loco Colombiano, Elder Eliason

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