Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Hola From Cali!

Hola from Cali!

Well I am here! 
After a long morning that started at 3 in the morning we have arrived in Cali. We got here at about 8 in the morning and got picked up in a massive bus. We had to have it because our group had a total of 18 people in it. 10 of which were North Americans and 8 latins. 
The ride into the mission home was gorgeous! Cali is really a special place. I love it already! I just had my first interview with Presidente Prince and have recieved my first assignment! I will serve in my first area called Las Cabas, Cali. Yep, I will be serving  in North Cali! 
I couldn't be more excited! My first companion will be an Elder Matos from the Republica Dominicana! I heard that he plays beisból and has been recruited by the Detroit Tigers and was offered a spot on their Triple A team before his mission until he got hurt, now he is serving his mission! I can't wait to get to know him! 
I will go to my first area tomorrow. Presidente had a such great words about my first companion and the area, he says the people are so ready to hear the gospel and will accept it. 
I was privileged to hear Presidente's vision of the Colombia Cali Mission and it was something that got me fired up. He feels like this mission is different in many ways and really feels like the posterity of the Book of Mormon profetas (prophets) are here today and ready to hear the good news! 
Las Cabas doesn't know what is about to hit it! Can't wait to get started! today we get to go visit Cristo Rey, a landmark in Cali that you should Google right now, apparently I am in for a treat! Anyways I'll have more Monday with pics and some great news I'm sure! 

Elder Eliason

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