Thursday, July 24, 2014

Goodbye Presidente Prince, Hello Presidente Pricoli!

Introducing Presidente and Hermana Pricolo, our new mission president

Saying goodbye to Presidente and Hermana Prince.

Hiya familia!

Haha Im glad you all got to see the video we did for the goodbye of Presidente and Hermana Prince. It was fun making that video with the entire office crew, I hope you were able to understand what was said. It is very true that we will all miss Hermana Prince's banana bread, haha, especially the Latinos because there is nothing like it down here. It also a joy that everyone wrote me today! I appreciate the group chat where that was established that everyone had to write me. You're the best Mom! I told everyone that I expect one every week until I get home! I hope that isn't too much to ask! It is just so great to hear how everyone is doing! 

Well we are still doing great here in Colombia. We now have a new commander in chief, the mantle has been passed and  officially we are under the direction of a new mission president! President Prícoli got here yesterday and the festivities started by having an office meeting with the whole crew. I was chosen to conduct the meeting and we were all favored by getting an explanation of what was shared in the Mission President's Seminar in Provo this past week. It was incredible the Spirit that was felt during that meeting. He expressed his love for us and then shared a special experience the new mission presidents had in the seminar when President Eyring spoke about the way missionaries are assigned their fields. He says that when he was assigned to assign missionaries he would envision the Savior going across the world choosing missionaries personally and assigning them to a field. He then testified that that is really how it happens. The Lord chooses His servants personally and specifically, perfectly according the needs of the missionary and the people he will teach. It was an incredible experience for us.

We then took him to proselyte...... what? Haha,  yeah,  all the mission presidents were told that the first thing they should do when they get to their field is work with the missionaries! So we took him to Terron to visit a few of our investigators along with a few members to get his feet wet. He taught us as he was with us. It was amazing how he made everyone we talked to feel like they were really children of our Heavenly Father, the love that radiated from him was incredible. He also committed the people in such a unique and effective way that it was almost like I wanted to take notes of how he did it. It was an awesome experience and I was humbled by the opportunity we were given. 

Yesterday night we went with the Prince's to the airport to say goodbye. It was pretty sad to see them go, it was like saying bye to your parents who are going off to another country or something. I was able to thank them for all they had done for me in these past two years. It was also really special because the area assigned the final interviews of all my group to President Prince. So a day before he left he was able to give them my final interview and that was really special indeed.

This week we are going to be going on a tour of the mission having all of the missionaries meet their new president. It should be really interesting as we share the new vision for the mission. We are really busy planning for that and also the 25 missionaries that will be getting here this transfer and also helping President with transfers and what not. Should be a great week!

That's it.. I guess I will just share the pics I have when I get back! haha no just kidding next week I should have some good ones! Sorry I haven't been on that!

Have a great week!

Elder Eliason 

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