Thursday, July 24, 2014

"I am still having a great time here in Colombia and love the people more and more every day!"


How is everyone?? That was really fun to hear about all of the traveling dad did this past week! Wow 3,000 miles huh? Looks like Dad's still got it! Can't wait for the next 3,000 miles going up for the reunion! Good to see that Haley is all situated up in Utah, I can say that that experience was weird for me. The moment Dad said goodbye left me like an empty feeling like I was on my own abandoned in Utah, haha, but everything turned out great. 

In other news, we are very busy getting everything ready for the Prince's departure. Organizing the final meetings and programming all of the interviews is calling for a lot of logistic planning, and with 12 missionaries finishing the mission this week we are also having transfers in the middle of a transfer! So it has been a little crazy here this past week but the best of the best was being able to be in the area and on divisions with the time we had this week. 

In our area we our having a great time, the members keep helping us out a lot, the less actives are getting reactivated, the converts are being retained, and the investigators are committing themselves more and more. We found a new family this week that looks like gold, we were looking through the list of members and searching the less actives when we found one house where the members had long since moved and the house was occupied by new people who had never heard about the church. We contacted them and had a great lesson. It wasn't what we were looking for but the Lord knows where he needs guide us so that we achieve his purposes. Something a missionary learns very wuickly in the mission is that nothing happens by pure chance, if we are worthy and obedient the Lord guides us to the people He has prepared. It has been a fun week indeed in good ole Terron. 

I had a pretty great experience on a bus ride going from Buga to Tulua last night. Some guy named Fabian got on the bus with a Miami Heat shirt on and I thought that was a pretty great opportunity to start up a conversation. We started out talking about what missionaries do, basketball and little by little we got on to the topic of the gospel. He said that his whole life his family had raised him in a Christian church but that later on in his life he felt like there was always something missing. He talked about how everyone tells him that Christ can change him and help him get over his weaknesses, but he never found out how to make that power effective in his life. 

I was grateful for the opportunity to testify of the power of covenants, and how keeping those covenants is the way to access the power of the Atonement in order to change all of our weaknesses to strengths. We also testified that only in the Church of Jesus Christ is found the authority to administer those ordinances associated with those covenants. A strong spirit was felt and a sincere desire to learn more was sensed as we said goodbye. We passed the referral and will be attentive to his progress. There have been so many times where those bus conversations havent resulted at all but that experience helped me understand that the Lord is always in control of His work.

Anyways it looks like we have got to get back to work! I hope everyone is doing well! I am still having a great time here in Colombia and love the people more and more every day! 

Have a great week!

Elder Eliason

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