Wednesday, October 2, 2013

"272 people were baptized and confirmed this month in the mission! The most in 25 years."

I got the opportunity to baptize someone! This is the whole family... 

me and my pops Elder Matos (probably the last time I'll see him because he leaves this transfer.)

Tribute to Dads mission! Found a KOREAN Book of Mormon! 

¿Como me les ha ido familia?? 

Another clutch detailed letter from mom and dad! I am loving these new and more detailed letters, I feel part of the family! Sad about scorekeeping... Thought that was gonna be a forever family job haha. Good news about the Braves and Rangers, always exciting the playoff season! Elder Matos was telling me he knows who the new star pitcher for the Braves. He is from the same part of the Dominican. He also knows Neftali Feliz and Jose Reyes, no big deal. Also it gave me a smile to know Haley is already involved in missionary work! Bringing a friend to church is something I could never do unfortunately, a true sign of conversion! Congrats also goes to Conno for keeping the great grades in his AP classes, such a stud! And great to hear of the continued success of the Allen Eagles football program, that stadium must be rockin! 

As for our week in Ipiales, it was the week of miracles. We went on splits just about every day, interviewed like crazy, and worked many miracles through faith and diligence. It was the last week of the crazy month of September and the mission was going for the most confirmations it has seen in 25 years, and we did it! 272 people were baptized and confirmed this month in the mission! What a blessing. 

We weren't, however, without opposition this week. We had a couple in Ipiales wanting to get married for a while now who were told 4 times this week that the wedding couldn't happen. After fighting at the notary, and looking for a miracle they were told that they could get married Saturday in the morning! Married in the morning, baptized at night! Thats how it's done! We also saw 2 or 3 miracles with some old investigators who have been prepared a long time for baptism but for some reason hadn't made the decision. 

We decided an interview might help them out seeing how the questions are made up to determine if the person is prepared or not. There was one experience in an interview that I will never forget. The doubt was that the person didn't trust herself to keep the commandments after baptism. But that was what was missing, she didn't have faith in HERself. The question was in who or what her faith was based. If our faith is in ourselves we will always fail what with our flesh being weak, but when our faith is based in Jesus Christ He can change what is wrong in us and help us through our difficulties and weaknesses. I was grateful for the inspiration to know what she needed to hear and for the Spirit who reminded me of what I had studied on an earlier occasion. We were able to help 3 or 4 people in that same family into baptism as well! 

We did have a few people fall through for whatever reason, but the fact is is that we saw the hand of the Lord in the work this week. I loved the zone we had this transfer, we were really tight and united in helping each other out and doing things to benefit other companionships, including fasts, divisions, phone calls to investigators, and so on. It's too bad that they're going to take half of them out this week, Including my comp, and pops Elder Matos (probably the last time I'll see him because he leaves this transfer.) I'll be staying at least another transfer and I am pretty happy about that because after a rough start we are about to see the fruits of all our labor! 

Claudia is still doing great, we just have to help her get married. We plan to talk to the "husband" this week to see what we can do. Also Harold is progressing super well, reading like a maniac, he's already in Alma! He is going really well for the 12th of this month! William was going to get baptized this week but fell through for problems and opposition with the family. He's a little down animo wise but we are gonna keep trying to help him out. We need all of your prayers this month so that all of these people we have can progress, have a conversion, and enter into the strait and narrow path! 

I hope everyone has a great week and can all do their part in their missionary work this week! Thanks for all the support and for the prayers. Love you all!

Elder Eliason 

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