Thursday, January 9, 2014

"The members are so grateful they have access to a temple 20 hours away, they know and appreciate the blessings of the temple."

This was just after Skype call, a truck got stuck on a hill and we helped it get out! Which also turned into 6 new investigators, Woooh!

Pic with a great future missionary in the ward named, Arturo (like Arthur from KOQ

Ponchos! 100% Colombiano

Juan David's baptism, (ohhh, and we also got to sing "Teach me to walk in the light" in English with the 6 gringos from the zone, that was cool because Juan David lived in America till he was like 17!) 

Familia Oime who was also baptized! 

Hiya there family!!! 

Great news about the Texas hire.. never heard of him but I'm sure he is what we need! Good to see as well that the holidays finished well! I also am liking Haley's new blonde hair haha it looks a lot different but in a great way! 

Well this past week has been another hectic week, full of craziness in this city. This was the week of carnival festivals, it's basically just a huge excuse for the people to go out and spray whoever they want with foam and flour and a bunch of other stuff. It has been pretty crazy because they don't even respect young men in shirt and tie! So we had permission to proselyte this week with a poncho type thing to protect our shirts and ties and what not. (Pics incuded) So you can probably guess how difficult it was to proselyte haha. But we did what we could. 

The first priorities were the baptisms we had this week! Juan David was baptized this Saturday and what a great moment it was. Ana Maria unfortunately had to travel to a pueblo for a family emergency but we have been in contact with her and she is still excited and prepared. Our numbers were a little short in the baptismal service because a ton of the members went on a temple trip with the district this week, but those that came were able to support well the newly baptized members. 

We had a great experience Sunday because of the wonderful testimonies that were born by the members who had recently been sealed in the temple with their families. Here in Colombia most of the members are really far from the temple and don't have the access we have in the U.S. You can see the light and power newly received beaming from those members. They are so grateful that they even have access to a temple 20 hours away, they know and appreciate the blessings of the temple. It makes me sad to realize that many of us who live so close to a temple at home rarely take advantage of the blessing we have. I remember right beofre the mish I loved going to the temple to feel the Spirit so strongly, it is something I really miss!

We are also progressing with a young man named Christian. He is 20 years old and we found him because he straight up showed up at church by himself. He said he had always wanted to know what we believed and had a friend who's life had been changed by the Gospel and wanted to find out more. Haha I love Colombia. We set up a teaching appointment and taught him the restoration right away. I love teaching people who are really super prepared. You are able to see the difference in how the Spirit works with them to find the answers they have always been searching. A new light comes to their life when they read the Book of Mormon, pray, and attend church. He has a date for this Saturday

We are still working with Andres in spite of the halt of progress he has had. He still hasn't made a decision if he wants to get married or not with his girlfriend. He now understands the Law of Chastity and is trying to work things out. I know he will end up making the right decision. We will see him this week to see if he has made any progress. 

We are also working hard in the new area we have and have been trying to rescue a ton of members. We will get a better gauge of how we are doing when the festivals stop ha. 

Well sorry this is kind of short but the Internet is about to close for carnivals! Until next week!

Elder Eliason 

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