Tuesday, November 19, 2013

"It has been a lot of fun with Elder Menendez. We get along just super great."

Ivan Benavidez of 19 years got baptized!

Hiya mi gran familia! 

Nt much going on at home huh? Well on the contrary here in the mission field!! 

Well we are now pretty much accustomed to the new area, it has been a lot of fun with Elder Menendez he is such a laid back, chill character with a great sense of humor. We get along just super great. He really knows how to work too, he has a ton of creative ideas on how to move the work along quicker and more efficient. We just have a blast in Popayan!

Well I can't remember if I told you guys that we were gonna have another baptism this week or not... but we did! Ivan Benavidez of 19 years got baptized! It was great to see because when we got here he had been taught just about everything, he just had trouble believing that he was ready for such a big commitment. We had a great week involving him in various activities with the branch that helped him feel more in family, we had a great lesson with him helping him understand the true requirements for baptism and that it is the beginning of something much bigger. Also, the doctrine of the Priesthood helped him a lot with giving him the desire to serve others. In the end, the decision was made! 2 weeks in Popayan, 2 baptisms! 

We also have a few other progressing investigators I can tell you about. 

Mabel: She is about 23 years old and we found her last week through another investigator who has a son in the mission. Mabel is the other investigator's niece and so the missionary is her cousin. She is progressing super fast, she had come to church before but the missionaries thought she was a member so she never got contacted. We have taught her the first three lessons and also the Sabbath Day. That was the main issue with her, she thought that going to church was just something we do if we have time or if we feel like it and didn't quite understand the commandment part of it. 

She understood the What, just not the Why. So we had a great lesson on it and it helped her understand that it is for our own good that we have this commandment. We have so many worries and become "spotted by the world" during the week that we need a time to reflect on our real purpose for being here. I love what the Guide for the Scriptures in Spanish says about it.. "It is our time to remember Him." It is a great time for self evaluation of how we are doing in our eternal progression, the key to salvation is remembrance. I pray I always remember what I have learned on my mission.

Cristina: She is a great investigator, just has a problem giving up the Catholic church because of ties with the family. We found her through an inactive member, she lives in the same house as the inactive who recently got active! I believe we just need to make her feel a part of the family with the branch because she keeps all of the commitments and has a strong testimony, she just needs to feel more supported. 

Jionny and Laura: They are married! What a miracle.... haha. We found them through a reference from a member and they are really receptive. Well, they werent at first but have gradually opened up to the message. With Elder Menendez I feel as in tune with my companion as I ever have teaching. The Spirit is always really strong in our lessons, and Jionny and Laura have felt it. That is the only explanation that they have progressed because when we found them they already had a church, and they loved it. But when the doctrine of the Restoration is fully comprehended and the Spirit bears witness of it, it can change everything. We are really hoping they keep progressing because the branch needs more families, and they would be just super.

Well I thought I was gonna have more time to talk about the investigators but I guess not. I'll have to tell you about the rest next week. But it should be super fun next week because we have a ton of splits lined up. It is always so fun to work with other missionaries in other areas! 

Have a great week!

Elder Eliason

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