Thursday, August 22, 2013

"I am loving my time in Ipiales."

All the gringos that got shipped out of Ipiales this week, Elder Rowley, Stevenson and Cain.

My new companion Elder Valdiviezo from Argentina!

Wow, what a great week of letters!

I had fun reading the update on the fam. Seems to me the highlight of the week was Cecily's wedding! Well there goes 3 of the 7 cousins from the original 7! I guess that's a good thing right? haha! But CONGRATS Cecily! I am so happy for you! I wish I could have been there but I was sure there in Spirit! So great that Dad and Code could be there to celebrate with the pics! Also, I am happy to see that school starts next week. It feels like it got out a few weeks ago but I guess it's time to get back into "the routine." I think that's a good thing because there is so much time in the day and there is so much that can get done if we are just diligent how we do things. One of the good things that teaches the mission! 

Well on my end it has been great fun! We had the monthly ZL Council so that meant traveling 13 hours up to Cali! We had a great time on the bus. We always travel up the night before to Pasto and leave with the Elders from there. I have become great friends with Elder Edwards who was there when we left but now has been transferred. It is always good to speak English the whole bus ride and share what we have both learned on the mission. But it looks like we got back just in time because another coffee strike just hit back up... haha 

Also, I said goodbye to Elder Rivadeneira who left to good ole Buenaventura! I sent a whole bunch of letters for the people over there that I miss so much. However, my new companion is terrific. He is named Elder Valdiviezo and he is from Argentina! I haven't had a companion so set on doing things the right way in everything. I am excited for what this transfer will bring. I also am reunited with my father Elder Matos here in Ipiales! He will finish here in 2 transfers so I will most likely see him finish, he put in my notebook that we would see each other again before his mission ends and we have served together twice now! We have been talking about all of the people in Valle Grande and I was glad to know that Ruben, Manuel, Luis, Merlin, Familia Bonilla Banguera, and Naomi are all doing great! It's always nerve recking leaving an area and your recent converts, but so great to hear that everything is okay!

Our investigators are really progressing as well! Gladis is progressing very well and continues to show great interest in the Gospel. She can't get baptized this week because she couldn't come to church but we are preparing another date for her. Diana Rosero is the child of the recent convert who is17 years is also progressing incredibly fast, it is always so much better when there is a supporting group of friends helping and animating them to make the decision. We are also making a ton of progress with a couple that are trying to get married. They are named Diana and Fernando. They are a couple who has been through a lot in the process of conversion, Fernando has changed incredibly as he has had to stop smoking and drinking and also changing his work schedule to be able to attend Sundays. It is inspiring the changes that have been made, all that there is to do is get the papers and get them married! We are really excited for what is to come this month and the next.

Well thats all, I am loving my time in Ipiales and even though the time is just flying by, I am making the most of every moment I have here!

Love you all,

Elder Eliason 

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