Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Birthday...Baptisms and Juanchaco

 At the Youth Activity I got surprised with the weird Colombian tradition egg on the head with flour.

Group Youth Activity

8 missionaries at the party and when they got me with the cake haha

Baptism of Daniela Rojas

Hadin Ramirez, he is the brother of Yay.

Hola Familia!

Just some feedback on the Skype call...I loved it! It is just the strength boost I needed! I am so happy to know I have such an awesome fam back home! There was, in fact, a difference between that and the last Skype call. I was thinking about you guys way too much that last time after the call, I missed home a lottt. This time I still missed you guys but it was really like a switch was turned back on and it was back to work. It's nice to know that I am just that much more into the mission now. In fact, after the call Elder Inga and I put a baptismal date with one of our investigators. Family call magic!! haha But glad to know everyone is alright back home!

Here in Buenaventura it has been a lot of fun this past week. My birthday here was more than eventful haha. At the Youth Activity I got surprised with the weird Colombian tradition of egg on the head with flour (see pics) and then I got tricked into a surprise B-day fiesta. They told me they needed us to give a message for a FHE and when we showed up the room was dark and about half the branch attacked me with confetti. It was in Hermana Yay's house, and then I also got cake shoved in my face haha but it was a fun night with all of the members. 

As for the work here all is going well for the most part! We had a huge change in branch leadership. The Elder's quorum president, the entire Relief Society and Counselors to the Bishopric were all changed. Hermana Yay Peña who was baptized a month ago was called as the new President of the Relief Society! How excited she was and is to get working with everyone! We have been really busy with all of the meetings and what not giving President Jose our take on what we have seen with the members, and also meeting with President Prince and Trochez about all of the missionaries and changes with the Branch. We think we have got a great base on which to build on.

We also had a great baptismal reunion Saturday! We had to do it in the pool as there was not enough preparation time with all of the changes and what not, but it was special none the less. 6 more people were baptized into the church this past week! 2 of which were from Elder Inga and I! There names are Daniela Rojas and Hadin Ramirez, he is the brother of Yay. 

And the work will go on! We have transfers this week but only one Elder got changed! We are going well here so I think we are all here to stay for a while! 

We also are planning on making a trip to an island named Juanchaco (red dot on map) about 1 hour off the coast of Colombia. President Jose sent a request to the Area to get approved. It is an Island with about 4,000 people and is ready to hear the Gospel. An ex-bishop from Cartagena got transferred there for his work in the military and he has requested that missionaries get sent there. We are planning to take all 8 missionaries with a bunch of Book of Mormon and pamphlets, invite people to attend a meeting in hotel or something, and have a special meeting telling about the church and what we do. 
This is like a dream come true for me, going to an island where the church is unknown with 8 missionaries with the truth of Gospel to spread to all. It's something I would love to do, just help us out with prayers that the Area will accept the proposal.

Well that's it for today, gotta write president a special long letter today about the changes in the branch and about Juanchaco. Keep me and Buenaventura in your prayers! We are about to make some real progress here!

Elder Eliason

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