Monday, April 22, 2013

Misión Colombia Cali Leaderhip Council April 2013

With new companion Elder Inga

From Sister Prince's mission Blog (see links list):
On Thursday, April 11, 2013 we held our first ever Mission Leadership Council
This was somewhat "historic" for us and throughout the world.
On Friday, April 5, 2013 (the day before General Conference).
We are still "pioneers" in the process, 
but wanted to do something great to show the 
significance of this announcement.  
We unitedly proclaimed...GIVE ME THIS MOUNTAIN! (Tres Cruces)
And we made it to the top where we talked about the similarity between
climbing a mountain and missionary work.
Then we sang "Called to Serve" to the world below.
Everyone cleaned up pretty well!
 Misión Colombia Cali Leaderhip Council
 April 2013
One happy Elder!

Hiya Familia!

Well first shout goes to Codes for the birthday! 22 years young! WOW.. makes me feel super old. Happy birthday brother and hope to be there for many more! The next shout goes to the Braves who are apparently killing it right now.. 11-1? Can we get the chop officially going? I think so! And also the pics from Mormon prom made me feel even more old.. Haley already looks like she`s a senior! What is going on over there? Whatever it is, stop it. 

It is actually hard to believe I am already at the computer writing home again, it seems like I was here yesterday. But that's what happens when time flies and you`re working hard! And that is what has been happening.

My week started with all of the saying goodbyes with Elder Aldunate. That was really tough for him after being here for 6 months, the poor guy could hardly speak. It just made me want to take advantage of my time here because with time flying as it is I know that will be me in no time. We had a great reunion with President Jose and his family and sent the missionaries off on the right note.

Then I traveled to Cali to attend the Leaders meeting of the month and met Elder Inga there. We had the great opportunity to climb the mountain of Tres Cruces, which was something I have been wanting to do all my mission. The idea was that we are trying to climb a mountain in the mission right now, we have goal to have at least 1 baptism for every companionship in the mission this month, 2 in May, and 3 in June. Climbing the mountain was symbolic of getting to the top all as one. It wasn't easy, sadly I have fallen a bit out of shape and that mountain was pretty steep jaja (Spanish for haha). But the sights were great, and it is always good to be able to catch up with friends from other zones. We also had a great message at the top of the mountain that had us all excited for what is to come these next few months. Definitely a wonderful experience!

Elder Inga and I then got on a bus and returned to Buenaventura to start working on our new area! Thanks to some great Carpeta de area usage we were able to pick right up from where the other elders left off. The weird part is that there are no addresses here and we pretty much get around by knowing names of neighborhoods. We had to do a lot of calling and meeting at known places to get to our appointments. But other than that I am loving it in my new area. My new companion is really great too, he has been out for 13 months and is one of the greatest teaching misisonaries I have been around. One of his strengths is listening. Sometimes as missionaries we get too anxious to answer every single question an investigator has that we try to do everything at an instant, Elder Inga does a great job at listnening to all that they have to say and then teaching to thier needs. We get along great!

Another great thing that has happened is a miracle. One of the people I was teaching in my old area who had been taught by the missionaries for years finally got an answer and is getting baptized this Saturday! She said through Elder Holland's talk she felt God was speaking directly to her and years of fighting the Spirit she gave in to just a belief. 

Well I gotta go! Ill write better next time... Time goes by too fast!

Elder Eliason 

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