Monday, February 11, 2013

"It is amazing to see the people you witnessed receive testimonies act on that and become converted.""

Baptism of Juan Camilo, Iduard Alberto, Nicol Natalia, Micol Stiven, and Zulay Magoli

Hey there Familia!

Haha... I literally laughed out real loud when I saw the pics of the Stake Dance, reminds me of the one or two times I went to those things. The other times I was just a bit too cool... Big props to Connor for getting out of his comfort zone and dancing with girls, which is not the easiest thing to do at that age! I am not sure which has grown more since I have left... Lucy or Cody's hair? Haha... but seriously that dog is getting big! Gotta love a Dad who takes  such great pictures an lets me in on everything back home!

As for me in Colombia... when I wrote you last week, it started raining, and it hasn't stopped since! And I also experienced my first earthquake in my life. Elder Celaya and I were just having companionship study when the floor started moving... or that's what I thought at first haha... then we hurried outside to wait it all out. Everything was fine, all that was damaged was little cracks in the floor, nothing too big. It was a pretty interesting experience for sure!

I am still having it great here! The people that I have seen get baptized are really special. Luis has become a missionary, I don't believe that there is anyone in his neighborhood that hasn't had an invitation to hear the Gospel, an we have had some great new investigators because of it! Ruben also has decided to become a missionary, as he is always helping us out by coming with us to appointments where we need a guy to enter the house (even though he still has trouble with his femor!) Naomi and Merlin are quite active with the Single Young Adults and Naomi is now a leader in the organization! It is amazing to see the people you witnessed receive testimonies act on that and become converted. I have NO idea how I will be able to say bye to them all.

As for the investigators...

We had such a great baptismal service this Saturday for the kids of the Bonilla Vongera Family! All 5 of them entered the waters of Baptism to start their lives in Christ! During the week they were such a great support to their parents who are still going through some troubles and were so excited to take the step of baptism! 

Lida Gomez is still very excited for baptism, she has been such a trooper fighting through this obstacle in her path. The operation went well and we are now just waiting for her to switch back the hours of work so that she can come to church again. The ward has done such a great job visiting and calling her to keep her spirits up!

Manuel Bermudez: Manuel is a new progressing investigator! He was a reference from a member and ever since the first time we contacted him he has felt the influence of the Spirit. He has had a rough couple months with the separation from his wife and kid and has been looking for the "anchor of faith" that the Gospel provides us. He needed to feel sure about something that can keep him steady and hopeful when everything else in life is hectic and unpredictable. The Gospel just sounded "familiar" to him and knew that it was true the moment he heard it. Another humbling experience to see the progress of such a good man in need. He has a bit of a problem with coffee but we are working with him on that and have set a goal for the 23rd for his baptism.

Edilton Bonilla y Marcela Vongera: We are still working on the marriage thing... but the baptism of their children was such a great spiritual lift for them. We have an FHE planned with them tonight and are excited to plan new goals and plans for them to progress!

Keep all of these wonderful people in your prayers, they have meant so much to me and my companion!

That's about it for this week! Thanks for all of the prayers and continued support!

Elder Eliason

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