Monday, January 7, 2013

Happy New Year!

Luis and I will be lifetime friends no matter how long I stay in this area.

Luis and family

¡Hola Familia!

Well, first I must say that my prayers go out to Prep and the Browning Family, I definitely kept him apart of my fast this week and will continue to pray for his well-being. He has always been such a happy little guy and it makes me sad to know that he is so sick right now... just know that we have 2 missionaries in the family right now who are praying for him. I'm sure it is not easy for Elder Browning right now but I know that the Lord blesses the families of His missionaries!

And wow, what an email this week! Cody has moved out and the family is back to just the "kids" at home! (I am also praying for Mom and her well-being) I look forward to seeing pics of Codes´new home! Good luck to the kids who will be going back to school!

As for me, this week went really well! We had the baptism of Luis Alfredo!! I can definitely say that we have grown together throughout the journey of his conversion. This man has been such a testimony to me of the Savior's power to change the hearts of men. I am all amazed at the desire of Luis to put his life in line with God's will. Looking back I realize just how little we did in this process as missionaries.. We just did what our purpose tells us to do, invite and help people come unto Christ. It is them who must "come" and "accept." It is such a joy to get a front row seat to watch the Lord work with these people and change who they are. Luis and I will be lifetime friends no matter how long I stay in this area. The baptismal service was a very quiet one, Luis only wanted his special people there to share it with and even though it was quiet, the Spirit was incredible. One of those present was Cindy, who acknowledged the Spirit and marveled at the change of heart in Luis, and is still working to have one of her own. What a blessing we have as missionaries!

We have moved the baptism of Ruben Cano to this Tuesday! Elder Celaya and I had an impression during weekly planning that he was ready to take the step now, and that we should invite him to "lay aside every sin" and show God that he has repented and is willing make a covenant with Him today that he will follow Him unto the end. We went and shared Alma 7:15 and he accepted the date for the 12th. Then the Assistants called and wanted to know if he could do it Tuesday because they wanted the new missionaries coming in to see a baptism their first day. What a blessing it will be to share such a tender moment with 18 new bright eyed missionaries! Ruben is as excited as ever, and is now going on 2 weeks smoke free! Just another testimony of our God of Miracles!

As I come to this part of my mission I think about where I am at in my quest to become the Sacred Missionary that I wanted to become before the mission. I think every missionary has an idea of the missionary they want to become when they first head out. I know I did, and I look ahead and realize how much I still have to improve to become that missionary. I always thought of it as "me" that was going on a mission and that it was "my" mission, but came to realize that this mission has very little to do with me. The missionary I want to be is one that isn't worried about himself but about the Children of God that surround him. It is not as easy as it sounds but I know that is why I am here! How grateful I am for this opportunity to be a missionary.

I hope we all can have a great fulfilling week!

Hasta la pròxima semana! (Until next week!)

Elder Eliason

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