Monday, December 3, 2012

I'm a Trainer!"

La zona Villa Colombia at transfers

Saying goobye to my 2 gorditos Elders Ruiz and Suarez

Baptism of Naomi
 Riding the Jeep around while Elder Malca was saying his goodbyes.. this is how we get around here in Valle Grande.

Grandfather, Father, Son...

 This is an iguana that we found at a members house, I held it in my hand and it climbed and found its way onto my head haha.

The Villa Colombia Zone

Getting our new companions what we call "hijos"  (sons)

Hola familia!

Well first off this week was transfers and for the second time in a row I was stunned by the call I got, but in a different way. I received word that I would be staying in Valle Grande and Elder Malca would be leaving to Palmira, and that I would be training a new elder straight out of Bogota. And that I would be asked to take responsibility of being district leader in Valle Grande. 

Yep, 3 months in the field and I get my first hijo (son)! His name is Elder Celaya from Senora, Mexico. He is full of desire to work! From day one he has always been itching to get working. Couldn't ask for more in my first experience as a trainer! Needless to say I was pretty nervous to start training so early in my mission, knowing that everything I do is an example an that I do not yet know everything about being a missionary just yet! But the good news is that I am not alone, the Lord will guide me to make sure that I can lead this missionary the way He wants to! And so far so good! He speaks really fast and has a really different accent than what I am used to, but other than that we have been doing great! 

As for our week, we had a baptism yesterday! Naomi Mosquera had made the decision to take upon her the name of Christ and enter the waters of baptism!! However, it was not an easy task. In fact, it ended up being a miracle that she was baptized! The night before the baptism there was a big storm that took out the power in half of the Decepaz, Pizamos area, and when there is no light it is too dangerous to be walking around so we couldn't fill up the baptismal font.

 So we woke up at 4:45 to go fill it up for the baptism at 8. (It takes 3 hours to fill up) Well we got there with the Bishop to find out that it was completely broken. Someone had broke in and done some serious damage to thing that retains all the water from outside the chapel. So we had no way to fill it up. After trying numerous times to try to plug it from the outside an failing, the bishop and I were about to call it quits when a thought came to our mind to find some plastic and rock to plug the font so that it would retain the water, it was a long shot but it was all we could do, we said a prayer and tried it out. And miracles do happen because there was not a drop of water that got through the font. We had done all we could do and left the rest up to the Lord, and the font filled up in about an hour and a half. God lives! Naomi got baptized and we were all amazed at how far she had come. It was such a joy to be there. 

As for the others, Luis Alfredo and his girlfriend Sindy have decided to get married! And we are now teaching Sindy as well! They both came to church yesterday and both had a great experience in testimony meeting. Sindy had never wanted to believe in God, but after hearing what He could do for their family to be, she quickly lit up and gained a real intent. We are going to teach them both tonight the wonderful message of the Restoration, which message I have come to love with all off my heart. It is why I am here and why we are all so happy. It is a message of God's infinite love for His children, a message of opportunity, and a message of hope for all of us.

With Ruben we have hit just a bit of a speed bump, he revealed to us that he has trouble smoking. He has more desire than ever and has come along way in his progression, but this seems to be the last hurdle that he needs to get over before baptism. After a powerful lesson on the Atonement, he has committed to not smoke a single cigarillo again. We have moved his baptism to the 22nd. 

Everyone else we haven't had time to visit due transfers and a desembarco in Villa del Lago. But I have received word on the Christmas call. I will get to Skype you guys on whatever day from December 20-31, and President has advised us to not call on Christmas Day because of the business and craziness of that day. Get back to me which day you guys would want. I will have 45 minutes to talk to you guys! Cant wait!

Well that's it! It`s Christmas time but it still feels like summer here! And with the rain it is pretty humid as well haha. But we are hanging in there! Have a great week!

Elder Eliason

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