Thursday, November 15, 2012

"Choir is going well...they are trying to make the Latino version of the MoTab."

Buenas tardes familia! 

First of all, that's too bad about Romney, I really thought he had it! Believe it or not I actually heard the results Wednesday at a training that President Prince gave in the Stake center, one of the Elder couples told us the bad news.. oh well. Life goes on! 

Here in Colombia it has been a week of miracles! 

Daniela Sanches the cousin of Viviana is still going super strong and is getting really excited for her baptism this week! She lights up every time we talk about it. This week in Sacrament she whispered to me, "this is the last time I'm gonna take the sacrament as a nonmember!" haha... With Daniela Dominguez it could be a little different, she has the desire for sure but we aren't sure if she understands all that she needs to in order to be baptized just yet. We are going to work super hard this week to help her and try to gauge what she understands, but we may have to delay just a bit. 

We have placed a fecha (baptismal date) with Yamile Marin and her sister Lina! If all goes well it will be for the 1st of December. The only problem with Lina is that we can't teach her very often at all because of her work schedule. But we did have a powerful lesson this past week with her that I think sparked the fire we were looking for. As for Yamile, she is just golden. She loves learning more aboutthe gospel everytime we come, she really feels like this is what she has been missing her whole life and finally has the eternal perspective she has always looked for. 

We have also now placed a fecha with Naomi for the 24th this month! The only time we can teach her is right after church in the chapel and yesterday we had the lesson that we had been waiting to have. Naomi, like Yamile, had a doubt of thinking that she had to be perfect after her baptism and that it was something that she thought she couldn't live up to. Luckily this time I was prepared to give her some comfort using Alma 42. (great chapter, read it as a family!) 

The Lord has really blessed me in my personal study as I've been studying for what my investigators need. I now understand the importance of treasuring up the words of life, and then letting the Spirit give to you what the investigators need. Naomi is definitely someone that has already been prepared by the Lord to hear the Gospel, and what a joy it is to be able to be the vessel that brings it to her! Her only doubt now is if her Dad will accept the Gospel so that they can be together for Eternity. She got very emotional talking about that subject and I believe that is when the Spirit delivered our message and she accepted the baptismal invitation. How lucky am I to see the Lord's hand at work here in this great country!

Choir is going favorite part is seeing all of my old friends who are serving in other zones that I never get to see. The choir itself is a bit too intense for me haha, they are trying to make the Latino version of the MoTab... and we ended up practicing for 4 hours yesterday and I am left without a voice!! But I'm sure it will be a good experience when we actually perform. Elder Matos told me that Jesus Moreno has marriage plans with his wife and will be getting baptized!! How great it was to hear that news, I think I am allowed to go back and attend! 

A big lesson I learned this week was a big part of the training of President Prince, he referred to Alma 37:41 which talks about the Liahona, "...They were slothful, and forgot to exercise their faith and diligence, and then those marvelous works ceased." 

Here in the mission we are expected to see and feel the power of the Lord in our work, faith and diligence brings forth the miracles. But when faith lies dormant and we are not diligently seeking for ways to exercise it, the Lord cannot manifest His marvelous works. The Lord is not asking for "slothful" servants (D&C 58:26-28), He wants us to ACT! I spent some time studying some examples of this "faith unto diligence" in the BOM and some great examples are, Nephi (1 Nephi 17), Enos, and my favorite the Brother of Jared (Ether 2 and 3). 

Doing great here in Colombia, Sé que esta es la obra del Señor, y siento alregría cada día de ser parte de ella!

Que les vaya bien esta semana! (
I know this is the Lord's work, and I feel alregría every day to be a part of it!

Have a great week!

Elder Eliason, (Pics next time I promise, the comp. Im using wont read my card!)

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